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Individuals who prefer a more flexible hardwood floor installation can find satisfaction in an easy option. Unlike some flooring types that are difficult to install, pre-manufactured wood can be beneficial if you want a ready-made method without heavy equipment.

What Is Composite Wood Flooring?

Composite wood is less complex compared to solid hardwood. Also, it’s a common choice among individuals who prefer engineered hardwood flooring San Diego CA. Construction consists of gluing various wooden planks, which are topped with a wood veneer. Self-adhesive tape is an alternative to a bonding agent and doesn’t require a complicated procedure. Another method is floating, which is achieved by interlocking planks without fasteners.

The Benefits of an Engineered Floor Surface

If you prefer an undemanding floor type, composite wood is a suitable choice. Although it does take effort to install, the process isn’t as tedious as nailing planks into a subfloor. The wood form is often deemed as faux, but it’s real and pre-finished.

Easy Installation

Composite flooring is considered a starter wood type due to its click and lock installation method. Not only is it less risky, but it’s also a competitor regarding its durability among other hardwood types.

Time-Saving Maintenance

Depending on how much stress a composite wood floor endures, it may still occasionally undergo repair. It has a life expectancy of 15-20 years, but accidental damage can occur. On the other hand, maintaining it isn’t as challenging as solid hardwood and is easier to clean.


Typically, engineered flooring is cheaper, but its price can increase according to its most substantial strength. If you’re looking to spend minimal money, composite wood remains a less expensive option.

As you can see, there is a more convenient wood flooring type to use. While the process may appear easy to you, relying on a professional to perform an installation efficiently is a smart move. You can expect a gorgeous result while saving time and money.