Posted on: June 22, 2020 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

If you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home, you should act on your instinct and find out if something is causing a problem. Poor air quality can lead to the onset of serious medical conditions or exacerbate existing conditions. Here are two of the most common causes of poor air quality within a home that may require immediate professional attention.

Improper HVAC Maintenance

When an HVAC system doesn’t receive necessary preventative maintenance and cleaning, it may be spreading dirt, dust, and allergens into every room in your home. A neglected HVAC system can even circulate mold throughout your home. Don’t wait until you have a problem with your HVAC before you get it serviced; it should be cleaned and calibrated on an annual basis to optimize performance and to ensure that it isn’t circulating bad air. If you need help from an HVAC contractor Williamsburg VA, choose a well-reviewed service provider who can clean your system’s evaporator coils as well as the vents in your home.

Roof Leaks

A leak in your home’s roof can cause a significant amount of water and condensation to accumulate in your attic or crawlspace before you’re even aware that it’s present. This can cause a gradual buildup of mold that will eventually permeate both your ceilings and walls. As soon as you notice any type of musty or mildew odor on the top floor of your home, you should evaluate whether your roof has been breached before mold takes a hold over the entire second level of your home.

Poor HVAC care and hidden roof leaks are among the most common causes of poor air quality within a home. If you think that you may be noticing changes in your home’s air due to either of these potential problems, it’s advisable to seek out immediate assistance.