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Having a deck can be a huge asset for any home. It is useful and practical. Because of this, it is also necessary to invest in proper and regular maintenance. Since your deck is exposed to all types of weather elements, you must keep it protected. For some, this means stain or sealer and for others, paint.

Regardless of what you decide to coat your deck with, it is important to get to know the signs when you need to invest in deck painting Bradenton FL. Keep reading to learn when you should make this investment.


Does the finish on your deck seem flaky, thin, patchy, or uneven? If so, you should have the wood painted or stained. It means the existing coating is starting to fail. At this point, you need to make sure you protect the deck before the situation gets even worse.

Water Test

Try dripping water on the wood of your deck. If it soaks in quickly, it means the deck may be in dangerous territory. However, if it beads on the surface, forming droplets and puddles, you are probably fine. Make sure to conduct this test on several areas of your deck to ensure it stays in good condition.

Wood Integrity

If the wood on your deck shows signs of an issue or deterioration, it may need to be repainted or re-stained. Wood deterioration may include things like splintering, rotted boards, soft spots, and splitting. If the process is too advanced, it is good to replace the wood before re-staining or resealing your deck.

Keeping Your Deck Well Maintained

If you want to keep your deck properly maintained, making sure that it is painted and stained regularly is a must. This will help ensure that the deck continues looking great and that no serious and expensive issues arise.