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Hardwood may not be the most durable type of flooring. But, what it lacks in practicality, it makes up for in warmth and beauty. If you have gorgeous hardwood floors in your home, then you should not be treating them the same as a tile or vinyl floor. Wood is porous. Even after a good coat of polyurethane or wax, it will absorb water and any chemicals that you use on it. If you want to keep those floors clean and shiny, then it will take some work.

Spot Clean

Spot cleaning messes as they happen is key in preserving the appearance of wood floors. Water, mud, salt, snow and dirt can get into cracks or absorb into the wood, causing staining and buckling. As soon as you notice debris or moisture on the floor, wipe it up. A dustpan and a good microfiber rag will be your best friends.

Prevent Scratches

Scratches are the enemy of hardwood floors. A scratch can happen easily and be difficult to fix on your own. A deep scratch will require flooring services Gaithersburg MD, such as sanding and refinishing the area. In order to avoid that, use furniture pads everywhere you can. Also, implement a no-shoes policy inside the house. Nobody wants wet, dirty shoes being tracked around the house anyway.

Sweep Regularly

Dust will naturally settle in the cracks between wood planks. The best way to get rid of the dust and debris that is dulling your floors is to sweep or vacuum regularly. Wet mops and steam mops should not be used on hardwood floors. Automated vacuums, like Roombas, are extremely handy for maintaining clean floors without as much work.

Clean Monthly

When you are ready to give the floors a good cleaning, make sure you are using a product especially for hardwood. These cleaners are usually sprayed onto the floor after it has been swept. Do not add any water to the equation. Lastly, use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe down the floors. A dry mop also works well as long as it is clean.