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One of the advantages of electric vehicles is charging your EV in your garage. Adding a car charging station is convenient and can increase the resale value of your home. Stations can be installed by electrical contractors, and you can charge your car overnight. Here are some things to think about when installing this system.

Electrical Panel Capacity

As you consider an EV purchase, have your home’s electrical panel examined. Very few residential electrical systems can support a home charging station. Even the charging cable provided by most EV manufacturers demands too heavy of a load for your home. A professional can help you determine the most effective electrical panel upgrade Essex County NJ.

Location of Charging Station

Consider the most convenient place to install the charging station. The garage may not always be the best option. All vehicles should have easy access to the station.

If you plan to purchase multiple EVs, you may consider an electrical panel upgrade Essex County NJ, to support more than one charging station. Some stations allow you to charge two EVs simultaneously, however, charge time lengthens.


An important factor for a charging station is battery charge speed. A basic Level 1 charger takes at least 35 hours for the EV to charge to a 200-mile range.

Level 2 stations run on 240-volts, like most home appliances. You should add at least one dedicated 240-volt circuit to your electrical panel. A 200-mile charge takes about 10 hours.

Level 3 chargers are reserved for commercial use. They are fast-charging units and can charge vehicles in less than an hour. The voltage demands are too high for power grids in residential areas.

Upgrading your electrical system is a vital addition to your EV purchase. Be sure to understand the vehicle manufacturer’s charging station requirements. Your licensed electrician can prepare your home electrical system.