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A magnetic stirrer is a common device you will find in a laboratory. It has a small bar magnet, stand, and a rotating magnet. The bar magnet is contained in a plastic cover, and with this kind of setup, the device can create a rotating magnetic field. Magnetic stirrers are actively used in industries to perform fluid mix samples. The common industries you are likely to find 2mag magnetic stirrers include the biotechnology, chemical, and food industries. However, below is all you need to know about magnetic stirrers. 

Uses of a magnetic stirrer

Magnetic stir plates are much applicable in firms and laboratories dealing with chemical and biological experiments. If you intend to work or own a research company, you will be required to have several magnetic stirrers to help in mixing sample components. You can use either solids or liquids samples to acquire the necessary homogeneous liquid mixture using the magnetic stirrer. 

How will you use the magnetic stirrer?

Magnetic stirrers apply the external magnetic field that helps to rotate and stir mixtures. You need to place your sample on the magnetic stir plate, start the device, and it will begin to turn with the bar magnet under the influence of the created magnetic field. Most magnetic stirrers are small devices making them easy to use and control in the laboratory. 

Fundamental benefits of using a magnetic stirrer

When you use a magnetic stirrer, there are reduced chances of contamination. Only an inert magnet bar is inserted into the sample to facilitate the magnetic field for the rotation of the sample. This makes it easy to keep the device clean throughout. A magnetic stirrer is effective in reproducible mixing, which is likely to take a lengthy period. For example, when you intend to perform protein dialysis on a sample, the process can take you long hours, which can’t be possible for manual mixing.