Posted on: September 30, 2021 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

As the summer winds down, business owners should begin to prepare for the harsher weather that the approaching winter season brings. Your commercial roof deserves special attention and can withstand anything when you follow these steps.

Clean Up

You can start to prepare your roof for the winter once the temperatures dip during the late Fall. Start by hiring a service specializing in commercial roofing St Louis to thoroughly clean your gutters by removing fallen leaves and other debris that can prevent them from draining rain and snow that lands on your roof. Also, removing objects and trash that lands on your rooftop will prevent them from causing damage during a storm.

Schedule Inspections and Repairs

It is a good idea to schedule a roof inspection during the Fall to locate and repair any damage that harsh winter weather can exacerbate. Heading into the winter with roof damage such as cracked or missing shingles or broken gutters can leave your businesses vulnerable to flooding when the first winter storm strikes.

Prepare Your Landscape

Trimming and pruning trees will benefit their health and protect your commercial roof from potential damage. Strong winter winds can cause overhanging branches to snap and crash onto your roof, creating holes or dislodging shingles to make your building vulnerable to water seepage. It is also prudent to relocate bushes and plantings near your building’s foundation to prevent them from absorbing excess moisture that could wear away at your structure’s exterior layers.

Have a Snow Removal Plan

Having a plan for removing snow from your roof is necessary if you operate your business in a region prone to back-to-back severe storms. Consider contracting with a snow removal service that will regularly remove snow from your roof to prevent an accumulation that could lead to a roof collapse that causes irreparable damage.

Preparing a commercial roof for the winter should be part of every business owner’s routine maintenance plan.