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Whether you just purchased a new home or you want to refresh your existing home, you may be looking for new ideas for home decor Salem NH. These are a few tips you may consider.


There was a time when people were painting their walls bold colors, but this trend has started to fade. Although your home should reflect your personality and style, consider painting your walls a bright, neutral color and allowing your décor, including your artwork, window treatments and furniture, to make a statement. Also, consider avoiding jarring color changes from one room or wall to another.

Wall Décor

Choose artwork and mirrors that fit the space. For example, you wouldn’t put an 8-by-10-inch painting on an empty 10-foot wall. However, you may put many small pieces of artwork on the wall, but make sure they are spaced no more than four inches apart. Also, your fireplace should not be overwhelmed with artwork that hangs over the mantle. Hang your artwork so your eyes are level with the center of each piece.

In addition, mirrors bounce light around your space and make it feel larger. Therefore, each room should have a mirror. Use scents to evoke feelings. Don’t forget about your fixtures, such as wall plates.


Light has the most significant impact on the atmosphere of your home. Not only should you have sufficient natural lighting through your windows, but you should also have layered lighting in each room. For example, you may have ceiling fixtures and lamps in your living room, while your kitchen may have recessed lighting, pendants and cabinet lighting. You may also highlight artwork with unique lighting options.

First Impressions

When people come to your home, the first thing they see is your landscaping and the exterior of your home. Therefore, don’t focus all your attention on the interior of your home. Consider refreshing your landscaping so it enhances your home’s appearance. Check the external paint for cracks, flakes and other damage, and consider repainting if necessary. Paint your door a fun, welcoming and eye-catching color. You may also change the door style so it has some character. Make sure any masonry, windows and porches look sound and attractive.

A home’s décor reflects its residents. Therefore, consider reworking your home to fit your personal style and lifestyle.