Posted on: January 28, 2021 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

Nothing takes a backyard from fun to relaxing like a water feature. Whether it’s a large bond you can swim in or a small garden pond with a few fish, adding some water to your scenery can you help to feel at peace and relaxed when outside. Although some bigger projects require hiring help to dig out a large area, you can actually make a small pond in your backyard all by yourself! All you have to do is know a few easy steps, then keep the water healthy with aquatic weed control and water testing, and you’ve got a brand new pond.

First Steps

The very first step to building your own pond is to dig a hole. You can decide how deep and wide the pond will be and dig in the shape that fits your shape. This is one of the benefits of constructing it yourself! After you’ve dug your hole, you’ll want to lay a plastic liner down inside and make sure it comes up and over the sides of the pond. You can find pond liners at most outdoors stores, and they’re important because it keeps the water from soaking into the ground and leaving your pond dry the next day.

Finishing Up

After your liner is down, you’ll want to add in some rocks to the bottom of the hole to keep the plastic in place and create some texture at the bottom of your pond. Flag stones are a popular choice for this purpose, but a large mix of pebbles or other stones would work just as well. After you’ve added the weight to keep your liner down, you can start to fill the pond with water! Cover the plastic poking over the sides with more rocks or dirt and flowers to create a backyard oasis.