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If someone you love was recently given a criminal sentence, you may have questions about what is going on, how you can help them, and what the best course of action is in order to help them overcome the problem. These tips can give you a few pointers so you know what direction to go.

Understand What They Are Being Charged With

Before anything else, you should find out what type of charges your loved one is facing. It might be a misdemeanor, a felony, or multiple counts of various charges. This depends on what type of incident your loved one was involved in, what role they played, and so on. If you can’t talk directly to your loved one, you can usually access court information by your county, input your loved one’s first and last name, and find out what charges they have that way. 

Help Them Get Out of Jail

Getting out of jail can be costly depending on the type of crime your loved one was involved in and how much bail is set at. It is always beneficial to get bonded out of jail whenever possible. Getting out of jail means your loved one can be close to family, keep their job, and work closely with an attorney during the process. You can use Potter County bail bonds to help your loved one get out if you cannot afford the full price of the bond. 

Getting an attorney is necessary so your loved one can have someone to advise them on their case. You should look for an attorney who specializes in the type of crime your loved one was charged with, even if they are innocent. The attorney can let your loved one know what to expect, tell them if there is jail time being called for them, and help them take the next steps. 

Help Them Stay On Top of Their Case 

Sometimes cases can drag out for months on end. This can be discouraging, but it is important to stick with the case and attend every court date, or else your loved one risks going back to jail again. You can track these types of cases online through your county’s court system to find out when the next date is.

You can help a family member who has been charged with a crime by finding out what the charges are and getting them out of jail. Legal counsel and staying on top of the case are equally important.