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You know the feeling well. When you walk into the lobby of a well-appointed Manhattan building or step into the elegant apartment of a friend, there is a calm quiet that seems to emanate from the floor itself. That is because the floor is made of marble, a natural stone substance that science has not been able to duplicate or even approximate. Indeed, nothing comes close to marble. Because it is beautiful, extremely durable, pleasing to the eye and more substantial than any other form of flooring, marble has long been the surface of choice for better dwellings and office structures.

Does Fine Marble Require Professional Care?

In that it maintains its appearance and resists scoring better than other surfaces, marble may give the impression that it is permanent and indestructible. In truth, a marble floor should achieve 30 years of good service. This implies, however, that it is cared for properly. Never doubt that you need residential preventative stone maintenance Manhattan NY in order to extend the life of the marble surface and maintain its magnificent glass-like luster. Chances are, you have seen some marble floors that did not receive regular professional service and the difference was easily apparent to you.

For What Common Surfaces Can Marble Be Used?

Floors are not the only structures for which marble is used, of course. Chances are you have enjoyed it on other surfaces as well:

  • Countertops. Used in kitchens and bathrooms, nothing is more serviceable than marble. Often professional care is required here as well in that acidic substances can actually stain the marble.
  • Staircases. Here it is used both for the walking surface and the facia.
  • Terrazzo flooring. This substance is made up of marble chips that, with proper care, can be as beautiful and lasting as marble itself.

Marble is timeless when given proper attention.