Posted on: January 28, 2021 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

Garages are often an afterthought when people are looking to buy a home, but having a garage that is functional, easy to clean, and even attractive can increase the ways you can use your garage and make your home more valuable. Here are a few tips for improving the comfort and value of your garage.

Garage Door and Opener

Whether you’ve got a broken garage door opener Pittsburgh or just an older, clunky model, consider a replacement.  Whether you’d like to use your garage space as a workshop, or even overflow seating for watching the big game with friends, a new, insulated door can make your garage space more comfortable in hot weather or cold. Replacing your garage door opener is another great investment. Modern garage door openers are much quieter and quicker than old models. Smart openers can be controlled from a smartphone, and your app can alert you if someone has opened your garage door when you’re not home.


Garage floors tend to get dirty. Cars track in dirt and sometimes leak fluids. Nature debris finds its way in when the wind blows through the garage. Installing a garage floor that’s easy to clean means you’ll be more likely to actually keep it clean. You can start a woodworking project or set up an impromptu gathering without having to worry about the mess. Epoxy paint is a durable and attractive option that is fairly easy to do yourself.

Electrical Upgrades

Install more lighting in your garage so that you’ll be able to see well for any activities you choose to do in there. Installing more electrical outlets in your garage can also make it much more user-friendly. You can plug in all of your power tools, and maybe a spare TV or music player, and you’ll have access to an outlet no matter where you need it.

Consider upgrading a few aspects of your garage to make it more comfortable and useable. Small investments can go a long way toward making a space you can really enjoy.