Posted on: March 16, 2022 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

For a comfortable and attractive clothing style, many opt for western wear. Inspired by the American West, cowboy and American Indian cultures, this attire highlights denim and leather in many popular designs that feature prominently in this favored fashion. Because the outfits borrow from items commonly worn by cowboys and those living in rugged outdoor conditions, the Western apparel had to offer both functional durability and yet still express colorful personality. As a result, many wearable items utilized conchos as part of their design. Conchos, round metal discs that leatherworkers used to decorate horses’ saddlery, became one of the defining attributes of western wearables for humans as well. Today’s conchos typically adorn two different types of clothing accessories, bringing Western flair to this in-demand style.

1. Western Belts

The leather belts favored in this sought-after apparel usually include elaborate leather carvings. For example, skilled leather crafters might cut personalized designs with the wearer’s name or other slogans into the leather with specialized leatherworking tools. In addition, the belt buckle that adorns the leather also features prominently in the overall finished appearance of the belt. Specifically, the belt might show off a concho barrel racer buckle as part of the completed design of the Western wearable or another buckle style. As in this instance, those living in the West often competed in rodeos, and therefore western wear can showcase images influenced by this sport.

2. Western Jewelry

Many find western jewelry highlighting conchos appealing. Typical uses for the concho include beautiful and often detailed concho earrings. The concho earrings might be long and dangling or post-backed earrings that fit flat against the ear lobe. You can also find clip-on concho earrings for those without pierced ears. They can add a touch of the West to any outfit. 

Although you might not live on a ranch today, you can still evoke the spirit of the West by the clothing you select. In addition, conchos can adorn a variety of western wear accessories, adding a note of country shine to your outfit.