Posted on: April 7, 2022 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

If you’re interested in engineering, you have lots of options for what direction to take. There are petroleum engineers, environmental engineers, civil engineers and more. But one type of engineer actually blends two different disciplines—electromechanical engineers. It’s a challenging career that requires lots of creative and technical thinking. Let’s learn more about what these professionals to do so you can determine if it would be the right fit for you.

Job Duties

In this field, you might work for an electromechanical company or any other industry that requires your services. The main objective of the job is to blend your knowledge of mechanics and electrical systems to create intelligent business solutions for your company. 

These skills can be used in a wide array of areas. For example, engineers might build computers that can house smaller hard drives, or perfect the function of vending machines or even develop missiles for the armed forces. Any job that requires mechanical and electrical savvy will be your specialty.

Education Requirements

To become an electromechanical engineer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Some people choose the mechanical engineering route, but it’s typically advised to pursue an electrical engineering degree instead. That degree encompasses the more technical aspects of your future work. You can take drafting and physics classes to provide the mechanical knowledge you’ll need.

After you earn your degree, you’ll have to get your license to work as a professional engineer. To do this, you have to pass the professional engineer (PE) exam. Once you receive a passing score, you can apply with your state for your license and start looking for jobs.

Being an electromechanical engineer will be a great fit if you love solving complex problems and building electrical machines. There is lots of opportunity in this field and plenty of directions you can take your career.