Posted on: March 31, 2021 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

You spend so much time looking at the furniture in your house, but when did you last think about your walls? If you feel dissatisfied with the way the rooms in your home look, try changing their appearance. These structures frame each room and have the power to characterize the whole house. What can you do with your walls?

Powerful Paint

If you haven’t painted a room for a decade, it might be time to try a new color. In addition to grabbing a few handfuls of paint swatches, also consider how the lightbulbs in that room will alter the color. A calm color could become surly if paired with poor lighting and dull furniture. Of course, if you’re already an expert artist and have a bare wall you would like to experiment with, challenge yourself by painting a mural. Consult online tutorials for guidance and explore on your own, too.

Frames and Fun

Maybe you like the paint job in your rooms, but the walls seem empty. One corner looks complete and comfortable with furniture, while the other side of the room appears bare. Choose a wall print canvas, framed family photos, and other cheerful or meaningful images to add to your walls. Try to vary the way you hang items. A row of family photos might work well in a short hallway, but the wall in your living room might look best with images staggered.

Rugs, Clocks, and Mirrors

As long as you have the proper hooks and support, you can hang a wide variety of objects on your walls. If you have handmade family rugs and clocks that you haven’t found a use for, try adding them to walls, taking care to make sure that they have enough space and that the paint color complements their designs. You can also borrow an idea from restaurants and malls. Add mirrors. A mirror with an elegant shape can provide a functional accent while also making the space appear larger. 

Try different things. Paint colors and hangings aren’t permanent, and after several years you can change styles again. Find what satisfies you and create a space you’ll enjoy spending time in.