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When choosing a divorce attorney, there are some factors that you must consider. These include experience, personality, and physical attractiveness. You can also ask for referrals from recently divorced people. They may be able to offer candid opinions about a particular lawyer.


Hiring a divorce attorney can help you with the emotional and technical aspects of the divorce. It is a good idea to have someone who understands divorce to talk to about your feelings, which can be a family member, a friend, or a professional therapist. It is better to have someone you can talk to about your emotions and share your experiences. Finally, you have someone to talk to who can also help you keep your children safe.


Personality is an essential part of the job of a divorce attorney. A good divorce attorney Tampa should be enthusiastic and interested in the case they handle. They should also be willing to share their opinions on new developments in the courtroom. A divorce lawyer who is passionate and interested in the case will be able to give you insights into what goes on in the courtroom.

Another important factor in a good divorce attorney is how calm and composed they are. You do not want someone who will get upset easily. However, you also do not want someone who will lose hope in the case or lose their composure. Instead, you want someone who will work diligently to resolve your case in the best possible way.

Trial Record

If you’re divorcing your spouse, you need an attorney with a proven track record of success in the courts. Whether taking your case to trial or settling, an attorney’s track record in court may be the deciding factor in a divorce settlement. Before choosing an attorney, find out what kind of cases they have handled and whether they have any disciplinary history. Another way to find the right divorce attorney is to read client reviews online. You can also request a free consultation.

It is also a good option to ask your divorce attorney about their billing policy. For example, suppose your lawyer bills in increments of .3 or higher find a different lawyer. Also, monitor your lawyer’s time on each bill and question if the charges seem too high. In addition, use your cell phone when speaking with your divorce attorney’s office. Most smartphones will show you how long you spend on a particular call.

Physical Attractiveness

Some divorce attorneys consider physical attractiveness when hiring a client, but not all divorce attorneys take physical appearance into account. According to a meta-analysis of 25 studies, physically attractive people are less likely to commit crimes than people who are not. Despite this, people with a ‘baby face’ may not be the best choice for their case.

Although choosing a divorce attorney based on appearance is common, it is not advisable. Instead, look for a competent and sympathetic lawyer for your situation. For example, if you are the father, you might want a divorce attorney who believes that fathers should not be abused by their partners.