Posted on: June 9, 2020 Posted by: Flenn Freeman Comments: 0

If you have a room in your home that needs to be made lighter and brighter, one of the best solutions is to create a window where none exists. If this is not an option, there are still other solutions to lighten up the space.

Add a Skylight

If you can’t go out, consider going up. Skylights can be added to almost any room in a house as long as there isn’t a second floor directly over the space. Skylights come in all shapes and sizes and just the right one can work wonders for a small dark bathroom or interior den with no natural light. Skylights are energy efficient because they let the sun do the work for free. To get an estimate for this type of work just search skylight installation San Antonio TX or your town to help you shed some light on your dark spaces.

Layer Inside Lights

Most homes come with a standard light fixture in the middle of the room. Often the bulbs’ wattages are so low, it makes the room feel like a dim cavern. The solution is to layer the lighting in your room to create the perfect brightness without over or underdoing it. Start with a gorgeous overhead fixture with a mid-range wattage bulb. Next, assess where you need task lighting and install bright focused light. Finally, add some fun accent lighting under a cabinet or on a group of paintings or treasured curios. Accent lighting creates warmth and adds beauty to a room.

Fake It

Create the feeling of natural light in a room with paint. Start with a bright white paint and add a wall mural or large picture featuring a sunny outdoor scene. You won’t fool anyone into thinking it’s an actual window, but you’ll create the ambiance or aura of natural light which just might make you feel better.

A little bit of sunshine everyday is good for you and so is inviting light into your home. Look for ways to make your little (home) light shine every single day.