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Stucco siding is a popular material seen on homes across the country. The material is applied in three coats over a lath base. When appropriately applied, stucco offers a seamless, durable, and solid exterior for your home.

If you are thinking about hiring a stucco contractor Hilliard OH, it is a good idea to learn more about the benefits of this material to ensure it is right for your home and needs. Keep reading to find out what these benefits are and why investing in stucco is a smart move.


Stucco is an extremely durable material to use in your home. It is a cement mixture that lasts up to 50 years or more, and that requires little to no maintenance. Because stucco contracts and expands with the weather, there is little risk of it falling apart or cracking under pressure. If the contractor hired properly waterproofs the stucco applied, it would remain resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.

Low Maintenance

Stucco maintenance is minimal, especially compared to other common siding materials. You don’t have to worry about replacing, repainting, or reinstalling this material consistently. You can easily clean the stucco surface with a power washer if they look dirty, and stucco can be painted if you want a change.

Increase Home Value

When you choose stucco for your home’s façade, it can increase your property value. There are several reasons this happens. Stucco is rot-resistant, low maintenance, fire-resistant, energy-efficient, adds to your property’s curb appeal, and is sound dampening. If you ever decide to sell, a stucco exterior will be a good selling point.

When it comes to your home, choosing the right façade is a must. Stucco offers a lot of benefits and makes a smart option for almost any home, in any area. To learn more, contact the professionals.