2020 January

The Steelworker District

challenges: The Steelworker district Burbach is located directly on the Saar. Only 3.5 kilometers from the pedestrian zone of Steelworker, Burbach is close to the city center. With about 15,000 inhabitants live about 8% of the Steelworker total population in the district. For 150 years Burbach’s history has been closely linked to Saarland’s heavy industry, whose decline began […]

Pirmasens – the shoe city

challenges: The recent history of the city of Pirmasens is closely linked to the development of the footwear industry in Germany: Emerging from necessity – after the withdrawal of the garrison of Landgrave Louis IX. In the 18th century – the production of shoes developed from the utilization of the old uniforms. In the age of industrialization, this […]